The Make-up for Warrington will be Sat Mar 2nd

We also have a shoot at Starview on Mar 3rd
A double header weekend - to much fun!!

Blue Ridge Sign-up times 9am-2pm

2019 Schedule is ready !!

The CPTSCL (Central Pennsylvania Sporting Clays League)

was born in 1990, and has been growing ever since.

This is both a scratch and handicap league. It is held during the slow winter months in Pa.

The league travels between 5 different clubs.
Shoot 50 targets each week for 10 weeks (Twice at each club).

Current clubs:
  • Blue Ridge
  • Hummelstown
  • Starview
  • Steelstown
  • Carlisle
  • Warrington

contact Jeff Lutz
Last Updated:February 11, 2019