Steelstown Gun Club

Monthly meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month - 7pm

Sporting Clays Sporting clays ends on Sept 19th

  • Club House is closed except for Restroom use only, One person @ a time to come in and use the Restroom
  • Kitchen Is closed and No Coffee will be available
  • Please Follow CDC and Social Distancing Guidelines While at The Club
  • Sign Ups will be on the porch Through the window. One person For each squad can come and sign up the group.
  • While On the course please follow CDC and Social Distancing guidelines.
  • Please allow the Squad ahead of you to leave the station before proceeding to that station. Please do not bunch up squads at any station

Trap ends Sept 24

The Club House Is still closed

CDC and Social Distancing Measures apply to all Activities

Outdoor Ranges are OPEN

Must use social distancing while at the ranges

Watch the website and Facebook for updates

Newsletter is now online

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Last Updated:August 03, 2020